是的! 清晰的小溪 is accredited by the Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)


No. 清晰的小溪是一所圣经学院. We offer accredited bachelor and associate degrees, as well as certificates in ministry. It is our goal to provide you with an education that will thoroughly equip you for ministry and prepare you for a seminary graduate degree.

是的. Our dual-enrollment program allows you to take classes (on campus or online) beginning your junior year in high school. 是否接受双录取取决于你目前的成绩. If you qualify, you will be permitted up to nine credit hours per semester.

No. 我们接受家庭学校的学生,不需要GED证书. You simply need to provide some type of transcript of your work through your high school-level studies. Your transcripts and schooling need to be in accordance with the laws of the state where you live.

十大足彩平台教会致力于教导经文和实际事工. 我们的教授采用综合讲课的方法, 音频/视频演示, 课堂参与, 以及动手训练.

We strive to maintain a professional atmosphere, so we require professional dress. 我们的学生手册中有男女着装规定. 男士应该穿体面的裤子和衬衫. We do require that the shirt have a collar, and be at least a polo-style shirt. 女人们被要求穿着去教堂的一般服装. Dresses are not required, but dress slacks, shoes, and a modest blouse are expected.

On campus we have our Family Life and Conference Center which has a gymnasium for volleyball, 篮球, 还有轮滑. FLC还有一个游泳池和健身房. At Kelly Hall we have a recreation room for students to hang-out together (men and women until 11:00pm, 男士只能在晚上11点之后)和打台球, 乒乓球, 或者看电视. 在肯塔基州的米德尔斯波罗罗(大约. 12 miles away) there is a discounted movie theater which shows new releases, 一个商场, 餐厅, 以及其他场所. Also in both Middlesboro and Pineville there are nature trails for hiking, 还有美丽的坎伯兰峡谷国家公园, TN向公众开放.

清晰的小溪并不积极提供就业服务. 相反,我们把任何已知的机会传递出去. You may ask to be placed on a supply preaching list or a mailing list of current positions that are known to be open.

你越早提交信息,你就越富有. 我们总是设法适应任何时间安排, 但我们不保证最后一刻的请求会被批准. Of course, we cannot accept you as a student until all qualifications are met. 但, 如果你提前交了资料, 当你符合录取条件时,录取过程会更快.

You can either call us at (866) 340-3196 or you can schedule a visit online.


是的,克利溪镇确实有克利里法案政策. You can read about the Clery Act, and 清晰的小溪’s response to it in our Clery Act Policy Document.


是的, but you have to have special permission from the academic dean and your academic advisor.

如果你挂科了, you will have an opportunity to re-take the course and the higher of the two scores will prevail.

你可以随时退课. If you drop a class before the mid-term point of the class, you will receive a WP (withdraw passing). 如果你期中考试过了, 但是在九周之前, 你会收到一份WF(提款失败). Dropping a class after the nine week mark will result in a failing grade. WP或WF不会影响你的GPA.

请参阅 校历 在学术资源页面.

当你第一次注册课程的时候, we require that you sit down with your advisor when selecting your courses. 你的导师会为你注册课程. After the first semester, you will be able to register through Sonis Web.

At this time we do not have a means by which you can makeup classes using our online campus. Please review the absence policy in the Academic Catalog, or the Student Handbook.

是的. 我们的许多学生同时参加了在线和校园课程. 然而, 为了住在校园里, 全日制课程的大部分必须是在校课程. 有时允许特殊例外, 但必须得到教务长和宿舍主任的批准.

是的. 所有学生都要去教堂. 我们录下我们的小教堂,并在iTunesU上播放. 如果你的课程安排在周二或周四, 你应该亲自去教堂. 然而, 如果你下午晚些时候才开始上课, 或者你是在线学生, 你可以看或听, 到iTunesU上最新可用的教堂,并填写一份教堂报告.

是的. 清晰的小溪通过我们的基督教服务办公室提供辅导. You can speak with the Director of Christian Service if you need assistance.

清晰的小溪 does not bestow Latin honors, however, students graduating with a GPA of 3.5分或以上被认为是“以优异成绩毕业”. 另外,如果你在任何一个学期都得到3分.如果你的成绩在5分或以上,你将被列入院长名单. 如果您使用多个电子邮件帐户, 或者有一个Facebook或谷歌账号, 尝试使用相关的电子邮件地址登录.

是的, 清晰的小溪 十大彩票平台 accepts transfer credit from other accredited colleges. A full description of the conditions and restrictions may be found in the college catalog under “Academic Policies.学院注册主任决定转学分.


Sonis是我们的学生信息系统. 它允许你注册课程,并查看你的成绩. 你可以通过Inside 清晰的小溪的页面登录Sonis. 如需进一步信息或指导,请与学术办公室联系.

大多数情况下,这取决于你的情况. 以下是你如何确定的方法:
1. 访问 the cashier at the business office and get a copy of your printed statement of account.
2. Take your printed statement of account to financial aid for them to approve the purchase of books on your account.
3. Take the form back to the business office so they can photocopy it for you to take to the book store.
If you follow this procedure, you will find the process of buying books much simpler.

是的,logo是必需的工具. In some classes, your assignments will be dependent upon your use of Logos. In addition, we feel that Logos is an invaluable tool for those who are in positions of ministry.

Your student ID doubles as your library card, so you will need to see the staff in the 图书馆.

每学期有两次班级会议,他们在教堂举行. When you do not attend your class meetings, you are considered absent for that chapel date.

我们不邮寄1098-T表格. 您的1098-T可从Sonis系统下载或打印. 2月14日之后可以使用.

是的, family members can go to the 图书馆 where they can checkout a laptop.

No. 它违背了I.T. 策略允许其他人使用您的凭据登录. 当你登录时, electronic signatures and other authorizations that are made are considered legally binding. 这会让你处于危险之中, as well as holding you accountable for any actions performed with your login account.

是的,克利溪镇确实有克利里法案政策. 你可以读到《十大彩票平台》政策文件中对此事的回应.


校园参观可以通过学院关系办公室安排. Information needed when scheduling a tour is found on our online form to Schedule your 访问.

请随时联系学院关系办公室安排参观. 我们提供周一至周五上午8点至下午3点的旅游服务.
参观时间可以安排在周一至周五的任何时间.M. – 3 P.M.
电话: 606-337-3196分机. 109
电子邮件: collegerelations@tj-aoqi.com


《十大彩票平台》以印刷版或PDF格式通过电子邮件分发. 如果您不在任何一个邮件列表中,但希望加入, 联系学院关系办公室, 或在我们的媒体页面上填写表格.

The Mountain Voice is a quarterly newsletter published in March, June, September, and December.

如果一个教会有一个空缺的职位(牧师, 全职或双职业, 年轻的牧师, 音乐部长, 等.), a representative from that church may 联系学院关系办公室 to request that resumes be sent. 我们需要以下细节:教堂名称, Address, 电话, 联系人, 电子邮件地址, 需要填补的职位, 有什么特殊要求吗. 你可以发邮件到collegerelations@tj-aoqi.com.

清晰的小溪 十大彩票平台 keeps graduated alumni resumes on file. If you would like to make sure your resume is on file you can either email the College Relations Office at collegerelations@ccbbc.,或邮寄至十大足彩平台十大彩票平台:



我们所有的音频和视频媒体出版物都可以在iTunes上找到. 只需点击下面的iTunes徽章,即可访问我们的iTunesU页面.